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Sewa's projects have been classified under 5 main buckets. Please click on any of the tabs below to know more.

Natural disasters such as floods, landslides, earthquakes, hurricanes, and forest fires devastate humanity, animals and infrastructure causing distress. Globally, Sewa and its partners are involved in all three stages of disaster recovery: rescue (72 hours), relief (3 months) and rehabilitation (3-5 years).

In the US, Sewa and its volunteers have served during the relief phase of Hurricane Katrina (2005), Superstorm Sandy (2012), Bastrop, TX Wildfire (2011), and Colorado Floods (2013). Sewa through its US Chapters participated in the settlement of 80,000 refugee asylees from Bhutan from 2008-2013.

In India, together with local partners, Sewa executes rescue and relief activities immediately after a disaster, and supports rehabilitation projects. Past projects include Gujarat Earthquake rehabilitation (2004); Tsunami (2004); Bihar Floods (2008); Orissa Cyclone/Floods ( 2007, 2009); Andhra/Karnataka Floods (2009); Uttarakhand Floods (2013); Maharashtra Drought (2013); Tamil Nadu Floods (2015); and Manipur Earthquake (2016).

Sewa provided grants for relief and rehabilitation after Haiti Earthquake (2011), Pakistan Floods (2010, 2011, 2012), Japan Earthquake (2011), Philippines Typhoon Hailin (2013),  Pakistan Drought (2014) and Nepal Earthquake (2015).



Based on the concept of Hindu families, Sewa has developed and organized the Family Services program across chapters with three main areas of focus.

  • Emergency support services to needy families.
  • Health and Wellness
    • Such as Stop Diabetes Movement - an initiative to prevent diabetes through therapy and practice of yoga.
  • Awareness and Education
    • Workshops on financial management and focused sessions based on age group.


Development projects that Sewa undertakes are classified into two categories:

  1. Bhutanese Empowerment (in the US) 
    • Bhutanese refugee asylees started arriving in the US in 2008 and are nearly 80,000 in number at present distributed across many US states. With a 45% illiteracy, scant knowledge of English, limited skill set, and highest suicide rate among all ehtnic groups in the US, the demographic is a challenge to deal with. Sewa International designated this project as a flagship from 2008-2013 and focused significant staff and volunteer effort towards thsi project. Women empowerment, skillset improvement, job and vocational services, improvind life skills, education and emergency services were some of the innovative projects that our Chapters took
  2. International Development Projects
    • International development projects are conducted by Sewa International through and along with its sister organizations worldwide. The Sewa movement is in 20 coutnries and this helps us in implementing our development project Currently we focuse on education, child and tribal welfare, youth and women empowerment, vocational training, rural development, and the environment.

Volunteer Development projects are organized by each Chapter in support of the local community. Sewa provides volunteer resources to community organizations that require a particular task done such as: Spring cleaning of temples or city parks, soup kitchen, stocking the food bank, day vists to terminally or chronologically ill children, managing and running a community event, etc.

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Sponsor a child project serves children of low-income families through donating fees, uniforms, books, subject coaching, career guidance, and counseling. Children of the invisible poor (maidservants, taxi/auto drivers, construction workers, vegetable vendors etc.) benefit from the program

The program provides a holistic development opportunity for students. Apart from their regular class work, all students can participate in sports and cultural events. They are also provided exposure to computers and video-based education. Yoga and civic awareness program are among their daily activities at the learning centers available in select needy areas.

At $20 per child per month, this is less than you spend on Starbucks lattes a month!

Sponsor a Child and get the satisfaction of a child achieving its dreams!