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International Development

International Development


International development projects are conducted by Sewa International jointly with its sister organizations worldwide. With the Sewa movement is in 20 countries the projects abroad are closely monitored for quality, relevance and efficacy.  International development covers a gamut of projects that Sewa has been involved in. Projects we undertake are multi-year and focus on education, child and tribal welfare, youth and women empowerment, vocational training, rural development, and the environment.

A number of projects are in India due to the strong connection of Sewa with the Asian-Indian community both in Donors and Volunteers.


  • Empowering Human Trafficked victims; Group homes for the abandoned or orphan child; Vocational Empowerment for Women; Tribal Welfare; Sanitation and Hygiene; Education; 

Other International

Columbia (New!)
  • Education
  • Medical camps
  • Building a rural school
  • Borewell for villagers.
  • Empowerment projects 
    • Training cab drivers (male and female); Beauty Saloon training; Tailoring; and Computer literacy 

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