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Family Services

Family Services


The last two decades has seen an unprecedented influx of Indian immigrants to the US paralleling the growth of the hi-tech industry. Sewa International has recognized the typical as well as culturally specific unmet sociological service needs that have risen among the fast growing Asian Indian community. 

Awareness and access to existing public or private social and humanitarian services is severely lacking for immigrants and those on non-immigrant work visas. Further, studies have shown that many immigrants, despite being in poverty or abusive situations, do not seek help. Services needed include physical, mental, and home health services, death and bereavement, counseling, aid during distress, Medicare/Medicaid or Social Security benefits restoration, legal services, senior services, child services, domestic violence, and poverty. 

Our objective is to see an increase in family ties, an improvement in family health, and growth in the number of needy people who access these services.

Program Implementation  

The Family Services Program leverages existing local community resources, while bringing complementary services to effectively serve the beneficiary.  

Based on the concept of Hindu families, Sewa has developed and organized the Family Services program across chapters with three main focus areas:

  • Emergency support services to needy families.
  • Health and Wellness
    • Such as Stop Diabetes Movement - an initiative to prevent diabetes through therapy and practice of yoga.
  • Awareness and Education
    • Workshops on financial management and focused sessions based on age group

Sewa has adapted imprtant aspects of this program from India Circle of Caring, Boston, MA, with whom we have a collaborative relationship.



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