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We at Sewa International strongly believe that the right to good health is fundamental.

Doctors for Sewa symbolizes our empathy for the lack of proper medical services and our commitment towards providing quality healthcare for all.

The Issue

Currently, majority of the population in developing countries struggle for better and easy access to healthcare and services. According to a report by the United Nations, 75% of the health infrastructure in India – including doctors and specialists and other health resources – is concentrated in urban areas, where only 27% of India’s population lives. Through our desire to create a healthier, more humane society, we aim to create a paradigm shift in the way the Medical fraternity and the society at large measures success.

Our Solution

Doctors for Sewa is a team of physicians/doctors, from USA and Canada, with the commitment to enhance the accessibility of healthcare to underserved populations through the concept of community service. While doctors provide medical help, a large number of non-medical volunteers assist in execution of our various projects and activities. The project caters to the economically weaker sections, and the tribal and indigenous communities in countries like India and the Caribbean.

The RTP chapter of Sewa International coordinates the activities of Doctors for Sewa.

Join us if you believe in accessible quality healthcare for all!

To get involved

  • Join us for our upcoming yatras in the future

  • Donate your time for a local Doctors for Sewa event

  • Donate or sponsor the yatra

  • Help in getting medical equipment and/or medicines as donations from pharmaceutical companies.

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