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Disaster Relief & Rehab

Disaster Relief & Rehab


Sewa and our partners are involved in all three stages of disaster recovery around the world: rescue (72 hours), relief (3 months) and rehabilitation (3-5 years) .

United States 

Sewa and our volunteers have served during the relief phase of Hurricane Katrina (2005), Superstorm Sandy (2012), Bastrop, TX Wildfire (2011), and Colorado Floods (2013). Sewa through its US Chapters participated in the settlement of 80,000 refugee asylees from Bhutan from 2008-2013.


Sewa provided grants for relief and rehabilitation after Haiti Earthquake (2011), Pakistan Floods (2010, 2011, 2012), Japan Earthquake (2011), Philippines Typhoon Hailin (2013)  and  Pakistan Drought (2014). 

After Nepal Earthquake (2015), Sewa committed to a $1 Million relief and rehabilitation package. Sewa and partner organizations volunteers provided rescue, relief and rehabilitation service to the devastated population of Nepal.

In India, Sewa together with local partners have executed more than ten major rescue and relief activities immediately after a disaster, and went on to support rehabilitation projects. See table below for a summary of activities.

2017 - Gujarat & Rajasthan Floods - Click here  

Year Disaster Rescue Relief Rehab Damage
2015 Tamil Nadu Floods x x x 359 dead, millions affected
2013 Maharashtra Drought   x x 9 million affected
2013 Uttarkhand Floods x x x 10,000 dead, million affected
2010 Leh Cloudburst  x x   193 dead, thousands affected
2009 AP/Karnataka Floods x x x 300 dead, 200,000 homes destroyed
2009 Cyclone Alia - Orissa   x x 300 dead, 1 million affected
2008 Bihar Floods      x 2.3 million affected
2007 Orissa Floods   x x 91 dead, 100,000 homes destroyed
2004 Tsunami   x x 230,000 dead, millions affected
2001 Gujarat Quake     x 20,000 dead, 400,000 homes destroyed


Click on the project locators in the map below to know more about our recent projects. 


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