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Simple & Easy

Sensing the need to crowd source its fund raising activities, Sewa has created and launched this Do It Yourself (DIY) fundraising platform to help its donors use the power of crowd funding to effectively achieve organizational goals. To get started, all you need is to create a profile and write about what you may be trying to achieve on behalf of Sewa.

All contributions from this DIY Campaign platform will be used to advance and support Sewa International .

How to create a Campaign?

It's easy to get started. Creating a fundraising campaign for Sewa takes minutes with the help of our simple campaign editor. You can launch whenever you're ready.

Steps to create a Campaign

  • Visit

  • Sign-up or use your Facebook or Google+ account to login.

  • Verify your email address (if you have signed-up, not needed for FB or G+ login).

  • Select 'Start your campaign' at the top of the page

  • Enter essential campaign information: (Note: Most information can be modified at anytime)

    • campaign title,

    • your funding goal,

    • select campaign duration,

    • select campaign category

    • city and state.

    • compile your story

    • add pictures and or video to support your story

    • place social linkages to promote your cause

    • submit the campaign to Sewa Campaign administrator

    • yes, you can modify most information at anytime.

  • You may save your new campaign in Draft mode. When your campaign is in Draft mode, it is not visible to Sewa website visitors; you may keep your project in Draft mode until you are satisfied in creating a compelling story behind your campaign!

  • Before you submit your campaign to go live, make sure that you're comfortable with your funding goal and campaign deadline (between 1 and 90 days or your custom number of days), as these cannot be changed once your campaign is made live on the Sewa website.

  • Once Sewa Campaign administrator approves your campaign, which will not take more than 24 hours during the week, the campaign will be made live and you will be notified about the same via email.

For more information on do it yourself fundraising on the Sewa website, please write to

How to submit the Campaign to go live.

Once you've finished setting up your campaign and are ready to launch, you should:

  • 'Save' and 'Preview' the campaign. In a new browser tab, you will see your campaign page the way a potential contributor visiting the Sewa website will see. If anything is missing, or needs change, you may go back to the campaign edit tab, make edits and re-save the campaign.

  • Once you are satisfied click 'Launch Campaign' to submit the campaign to the Sewa Campaign administrator for review before it is made live.

  • You will receive an email soon as your campaign is approved and made live.

  • In case the Sewa administrator finds the need to make amends in the campaign to make it more effective or to request the campaign be modified to satisfy Sewa's terms of use policy, you will receive an email with specific inputs on the amends required before it can be made live. If this happens, you can re-edit all aspects of your campaign and when happy with the changes, save and re-submit the campaign for approval. You may write to for clarifications or regarding this moderation and approval process.

What You Can & Can't Edit After Your Campaign Is Live

You can edit your campaign by logging into your Sewa campaign account and clicking the grey colored campaign block to Edit that particular Campaign. In your campaign dashboard, live campaigns are displayed in color, while campaigns awaiting approval or disabled are displayed in greyscale.

What you CAN edit after your campaign is LIVE?

Campaign Story and extras in Pictures, Video and Social Media links.

What you CANNOT edit after your campaign is Live?

  • Your funding goal

  • Your campaign's duration

  • Your campaign category

What happens when the campaign is complete?

On achieving its campaign fundraising goal, the campaign is considered complete and is closed. The campaign will no longer be listed in the active campaign list on the Sewa website. Sewa will assign conributions received to the said project.

What if I do not want to have a target?

The do it yourself fundraising campaign can be open-ended but you may start with a minimum of $1,000.

What happens when I reach my target?

On reaching the campaign target, the campaign will have achieved its goal and is closed. The campaign will no longer be listed in the active campaign list on the Sewa website. Sewa will assign conributions received to the said project.

What happens if I reach my target quickly or before the campaign end date?

We applaud you. The campaign is closed and will no longer be listed in the active campaign list on the Sewa website. Sewa will assign the funds to the respective project. Please contact or for any queries.

What if I do not reach my campaign goal in the given period?

Do not be disheartened. We applaud you for trying. Sewa will assign conributions received to the said project.

Who gets the receipt for the donation?

Each donor will get a receipt for the amount they donate to each campaign.

Can a campaign duration be extended for genuine circumstances?

Please write to to submit your request for an extension and include the new date upon which you'd like your campaign to end. Sewa Campaign administrator must receive request at least 3 business days prior to campaign's current deadline. Please note however, we will not allow a request to shorten a campaign's published deadline.

Can the Sewa logo be used for promotional materials for my DIY campaign?

Yes. However, please do notify is with a note to