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Event Detail

Sewa Bay Area Annual Dinner 2018


Sewa Bay Area is organizing its annual dinner on December 1st, 2018 to recognize Sewa volunteers and community service leaders. We would like you to save the date to attend and join us in supporting Sewa International's community service efforts. This year, the event will include many of the industry executives from the Silicon Valley. As a well-respected community member and Sewa supporter, we look forward to your participation in the event. Please review the following program highlights for the annual dinner below. 

This is a special year for Sewa due to some outstanding grants that recognized our local impact: 

  • American Red Cross  awarded Sewa a grant of $500,000 to rehab Cambodian community
  • The Greater Houston Community Foundation gave a grant of $400,000 to provide disaster-relief to African
  • American and Latino communities
  • Sewa received highest-possible 4-star rating from Charity Navigator


  • Keynote Speaker: Mr. Kailesh Karavadra, Managing Partner West Region E&Y
  • Keynote Speaker: Ms Vinita Sud Belani, Artistic Director, EnActe Arts
  • Sewa Presentations: Family Services, Youth Lead Program, Stop-Diabetes-Movement, Service Projects
  • Annual Sewa Update: Review the accomplishments of the local and international Sewa programs and projects
  • Sewa Excellence Award: Local community leader for excellence in service
  • Volunteer Recognition: Recognizing volunteers for their efforts in creating a difference in local and international communities