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Pragati Prathishtan

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  • Pragati Pratishthan Intro
  • Environment, Rural, and Tribal Welfare
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  • Palghar, MAHARASTHRA
  • Empowerment
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Develop environment friendly land and water resource programs for Rural and Tribal welfare.

'Pragati Pratishthan' is a non-government, non-political, not for profit organization, registered under the Public Charitable Trust Act and the Societies Registration Act [1860]. Pragati Pritishthan is an NGO, striving towards collective integrated development in Jawhar Tahsil for the last 30 years. This organization was created as an initiative taken up by Shri Vasantrao Patwardhan who traversed the region extensively on foot and was deeply moved by the living conditions of tribals. 

Our vision here, at Pragati Pratishthan is:

- To improve the living conditions of rural and tribal people in Jawhar Tahsil by developing environment friendly land and water resource programs.

- To improve the environment and eco-system.

- To arrest the distress migration.

- To improve the socioeconomic status of tribal people and strive for their overall development

- To facilitate the growth of community based institutions that support and sustain the Natural Resources Management programs

- To provide equal opportunities to children with hearing disability.


In the areas of Jawhar & Mokhada Tahsils, we implement programs on the following:

 - Improvement of health status and promoting quality education.

- Promotion and increasing agricultural activities and creating marketing linkages for the same

- Various methods for water conservation and implementation of drinking water supply schemes

- Construction of biogas

- Providing solar energy

- Running hostel facilities for the students staying in remote parts of the tahsil as well as deaf and mute students

- Education through special school for deaf & mute children thus helping in their rehabilitation.


 - Certificate of registration at Charity Commission Office, Thane.

 - Certificate of Tax Exemption under Sec. 80G by Income Tax authority of India

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Swarup Kurella

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Your contribution will go a long way in bringing smiles to children across rural and tribal India.